Fairfax Reckless Driving Lawyer

If you have been charged with reckless driving with Fairfax by now, you’ve probably found that ruthless driving is a much more serious indictment than you originally thought, and you need to find a good lawyer to defend you before a traffic court. Instead of a simple speeding ticket, reckless driving in Virginia is considered a crime, a class 1 offense. The consequence of a ruthless driving conviction can be a criminal record, heavy fines and sometimes even prison terms, and up to six months of suspension of your driving license or license. An experienced reckless driving lawyer in Northern Virginia can often help you avoid or minimize most of these consequences.

Do I really need to hire a lawyer for my reckless driving case? The answer to this question depends on the circumstances of the case, the jurisdiction in which you are charged, and whether you are willing to risk a criminal conviction, if this is easy to avoid. For example, if you are charged with ruthless driving in Fairfax County, prosecutors will not even negotiate with you if you do not have a lawyer. This means that your fate lies entirely with the judge. In cases of reckless speeding driving where the speed is not too high (e.g. less than 85 miles per hour), some judges reduce the fee themselves to a traffic violation (speeding or improper driving), even for the accused without showing up a lawyer. However, other judges routinely convict people who do not have lawyers for the reckless driving offense. In such cases, some will even impose a license ban.

What happens if you hire a lawyer to represent you in your reckless driving case? While lawyers and traffic defenders may not offer a “guarantee”, we can say that in fifteen years our lawyers have represented people who are accused of speedy, ruthless driving in Fairfax and all other state and federal courts in the State of Northern Virginia, never represent a single person who drives less than 85 miles an hour (in a zone of 55 or 65 miles an hour) and whose indictment has not been reduced from a crime to a traffic violation.

Can I hire a lawyer to appear on my reckless ticket? It all depends on the specific facts and circumstances of your case, but in some cases the answer is yes. Our attorneys have represented many people before traffic courts without having to appear in court, especially if they live far away – for example, if you were stopped for crude driving while traveling through Northern Virginia but don’t live here. Call our office today to see if this is possible in your case. Ruthless high-speed casein cases of reckless driving at speeds between 85 and 90 mph or more than 35 mph in lower speed zones, it will be much more difficult to reduce the fee to a non-criminal traffic violation. Nevertheless, our Fairfax Reckless Driving attorneys have had great success in these cases.

It often helps if the defendant takes some steps in court to alleviate the crime. Depending on the jurisdiction, calibrating your speedometer and / or participating in a driver improvement course (“Traffic School”) combined with the fact that you have taken the time and expense to hire a lawyer can make a great contribution to the prosecutor’s conviction perform and judge that you take the matter seriously and have learned your lesson.