Hanover Virginia Computer Crimes Laws

With each passing day internet and computer are playing an essential role in our lives. This is also true in the world of organizations, where several organizations in the business world are moving towards cloud based technology or other storage options. To protect the consumers and the organizations from theft or misuse of these resources, the Hanover, Virginia computer crimes act was created. It is also known as VCCA, the act prohibits six main computer related activities such as trespass, hacking, fraud, harassment, sending spam and other computer related crimes. Trespass, fraud, sending spam and hacking may charge to the level of a felony in Hanover, Virginia.


Computer fraud describes an individual or individuals, who use internet or a computer without the authority of the owner. Intentionally obtaining the information under false pretenses, misuse and for stealing trade secrets are charged with a felony of more than $200.


Trespass describes malicious acting, which means to alter someone’s network or computer. It includes a number of situations containing malfunctions, malicious software installation, deletions or to collect other data from the computer or network. The trespassing can be charged up to a $1000 felony.

Hacking (Invasion of Privacy)

Hacking is recognized as a very dangerous crime globally, as hacking is different from trespass. Basically hacking is referred to use or examine a computer with an intent to get the information regarding salary, employment, videos, pictures credit and other financials. This computer crime also charge for selling the information.

 Sending Spam

There are many people in the world who receive spam messages every day. Under Hanover, Virginia computer crime law, sending spam messages to the people with whom you are working or in a personal relationship. The Hanover, Virginia computer crime law penalize the false computer transmission information which is used to track the person who sent or receives the emails. The law also penalize the one who is selling, distributing or providing the information of the victim.

In Hanover, Virginia it is also important for the parents to understand that harassment on internet and computer is illegal. Harassment includes a very serious kind of misdemeanor which is punishable up to a 12 month jail time and several fines. Cyber bullying includes communication through network or computer with an intent to threat or for the purpose of any other illegal act such as coercing, intimidating and bullying someone.

It is also important to know that under VA code section 18.2-374.3 use of any communication system to facilitate those offense which involves children. There are also serious punishments in Hanover, Virginia computer crime laws for those people who are with the pictures of minors and they will be registered as sex offenders. There are computer forensics which plays a vital role in investigating the cases which involves criminal accusation in Hanover, Virginia. Cases that involves digital evidence and computers during a forensic investigation, a judge may seized the device or may issue a warrant.